The Value Challenge System

I'm delighted you've chosen to start your Value Journey.  It's a great decision and will set you on the road to Understanding, Creating and Delivering Great Customer Value - and getting paid for it!

It is just a single payment of $597 or £499 plus VAT (£598.80) if you live in an EU Country. 

No Risk

Try it for a month.  If after 30 days you don't love it, just let me know and I'll refund every penny (or cent!) no questions asked.

What’s in it?

14 modules.  Each module contains:

1 x mp4 - so you can see it

1 x mp3 - so you can listen to it

1 transcript – so you can read it!

1 workbook containing suggested exercises and action plan - so you have a structured way of implementing it.

PLUS Tools and templates.

In total, around 61/2 hours of material.

You will automatically receive one module a week for 14 weeks.  Once you have completed the 14 weeks you will then be able to view the modules in any order, picking out the ones that have the most value for you.  Module 1 will provide you with both an introduction and some suggestions as to how you might want to use the material.  Module 14 will summarize everything you have covered.  The workbook for each module contains an action planning guide for you to complete.  I really recommend that you do this and, ideally, share it with a colleague.

As you go through the modules, if there is any other information that would help and support you please let me know.  Enjoy the modules and every success!

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So choose your preferred currency on the right , click the orange button 'Yes Mike, I'm in' and let's get started!

Every success on your value challenge.


Mike Wilkinson 

|The Value Sales Expert|


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